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Franco Bertucci, accomplished singer/songwriter, and leader of the band Locust Street Taxi, concieved the idea of creating a YouTube channel to promote his collaboration with Mino Christante.


What began as a monday night rehearsal schedule for developing a recording project, grew into a creative project in which Franco and Mino record live takeaways that are then posted to the Mino Christante YouTube channel. The videos are entitled "Monday Nights with Mino."


The first of several clips has been published on 17 July 2017.  Since then, they are into their second season, producting over 18 quality live, "takeaway" video shorts. By creating good content, Franco and Mino have attracted greater interest in their music and developed their act at the same time. Recently, they have launched a website: http://www.minochristante.com featuring their work, music downloads, videos, showdates, and newsletter sign-up, as well as feature content for website subscribers.

Check it out: Monday Nights with Mino

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Lexia Christante
Lexia Christante is an accomplished pianist, music copyist, and arranger. Her work is of only the highest caliber, delivering your project quickly and accurately.
Mino Christante
Mino Christante is a music creative, supporting your project both creatively as well as technically until final completion.

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