Tante, LLC sells the Aluminous Audio Gravitas Speaker System Worldwide


Lexia Christante, Concert Promotion

To entice music lovers, we created a teaser video to let ticket holders know what was in store for them in a sold-out house concert. In this way, we reminded them of the concert and further kindled excitement about Lexia Christante's upcoming show.

Balanced Audio Technology VK300X integrated amplifier

Mino Christante created https://www.theaudioclassifieds.com, a community marketplace website for audio fans. Then, Mino created videos to advertise used stereo gear.

Video: In This Country Takeaway

Filmaker Bryan Gunnar Cole filmed and edited this Takeaway Video of Mino Christante performing an original tune, "In This Country"

Mino Christante and Franco Bertucci

Franco Bertucci conceived "Monday Nights with Mino," a YouTube channel whose goal is to develop and promote music by both he and Mino Christante. They then came up with a concept and a scenario to present music in a video format.

Lexia Christante, The Goldberg Variations

Lexia Christante performs the "Aria" from the Goldberg Variations.

Will Whitesmith, American Shaman

Will Whitesmith has helped thousands of people over the last 20 years as a Shaman. Will enlisted Tante to create a product he can provide to clients.

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