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We have put your music to paper. Musicians now respond to your work in a new light. Now you have control over execution. Before, you didn't know where to begin. Now, you know exactly where you are.

Will Whitesmith engaged Tante, LLC to undertake a recording project to "heal the earth."

Over the course of three years, Tante, LLC recorded Will Whitesmith's shamanic drumming, cymbals, and healing sessions.

Interesting challenges presented themselves in the course of the work. A live session recording was called upon to capture the essence of the work with minimal invasive track and sound file editing. The goal was to present the most authentic soundprint of Will's energy healing work. One session included a single-mic recording without a client present. In order to seek a more authentic experience for the listener, we decided to record again, except, this time, we would record an actual healing session with a client.

The recording includes an introduction, a 'gong bath,' shamanic drumming journey, and an hour-long healing session.

In the course of working on the project, the duration of the healing session itself exceeded the time of a normal CD. We decided to create a project on a usb wafer flash card, allowing us to include more than sound files, as well as significantly more content than can be contained in a CD. In addition, we photographed Will, and designed attractive art for a credit-card sized flash drive. We were then able to include videos along with sound files. Clients may also add related content in the future that Will may provide, such as his shamanic readings he performs for clients.

With the advent of the project undertaken by Tante, "A Sanctuary of Sound," new possibilities emerge as we work in melding sound work done from both projects into recordings that can benefit those in need of soundhealing. We are excited about the new developments surrounding work with Will Whitesmith, shaman and healer.